Friday, December 19, 2014

The Fair

I was going to do a September post, but then realized we took A LOT of pictures at the fair so we're just doing a fair post.
I am so excited to go to the fair today.  I missed it last year so this is my first time.

Growing up.

First year for 4-H.  Her project was scrapbooking and she earned a ribbon.

Not sure if we'll all fit in the same tire next year.

C would like this one for Christmas.  Santa?

Relaxing.  Maybe Santa will bring us this big chair too.
Fair donuts.  You guys have been holding out on me!  (Actually, on second thought, I don't even like cake.  Do they have ice cream at this fair?)

You know it's been a good trip to the fairgrounds when you have to take a bath when you get home.

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