Saturday, December 6, 2014


Mom is trying to go back through the pictures and post a few in case anyone still looks at our blog, so yes these are kind of old, but think of it as a throw-back Thursday sort of thing-even though it's Saturday.
C with a side pony.

"We're all twins!"  It was time to break out the footie jammies.

Coke!  (If Mom ever gets caught up to August there's a story where C got a "red pop" from a cooler full of pop and water cause she was thirsty and then declared that she loves "red pop".   Apparently I do too.)

Making "snacks" in Grandma's kitchen.  I like to share snacks with anyone who would like some.  I practice my pincer grasp and "eat" and "share" a snack.


Playing at the Lego table with my big brother.  We share a room and there are A LOT of Legos.  I usually keep them out of my mouth, but like to drive the vehicles.  I did somehow find a buckeye to put in my mouth today and it wasn't the chocolate kind.  Mom has banned unsupervised playtime in my room unless I'm in the exersaucer.

I like to cook in my kitchen too.  Equal opportunity mess creator.

I am such a cheese.  Fortunately I haven't stepped on the hem of my pants enough yet for them to fall around my ankles, a common problem I have.

A big kid picture.  There aren't very many pictures of the big kids lately.  Guess they are too hard to catch.  Natalie and I do share some snuggle time occasionally.

Our Thanksgiving turkey and fancy glasses for dinner.  It was low-key due to Molly's pending arrival, but definitely super yummy.  We even managed to have three different desserts.

O and his giant turkey leg.  Not sure who needed the ketchup or for what, but most meals at our house would not be complete without either ketchup or ranch dressing.

My turkey shirt which was also Natalie's turkey shirt and Oliver's and C's.   Tessa had a bigger turkey shirt of her own.

And for evening entertainment Cecelia managed to stamp a puppy dog on her cheek and turn her hands a lovely shade of violet.

Lest anyone might forget I am #1.

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