Saturday, December 6, 2014

Our Week in Review- Week 1 with Molly

It's hard to believe, but Molly has been out of Mom's belly for a whole week now.  Here's what we did this week.
Mom and Dad brought Molly home on Sunday night-something about Mom wanting to sleep in her own bed.  I'm not so sure Molly was very happy with this idea.

I was super excited for her to be home with me.  I spent several minutes circling her car seat and practicing my balance as it rocked when I moved.  I am getting better at this walking/balance thing every day.

As you can see I don't want anyone to forget that I am #1. 

Dad was able to snap this pic quickly before I even realized that I was laying next to Molly.  No worries, Mom was close at hand to grab me or Molly if I did figure out we were so close to each other.

C loves Molly too.  She is a little confused at times, or maybe just creative, she often calls Molly Lucile which sounds a lot like Lucy-o.  She also likes to call her Molly Lucile.  Initially she wanted to know where Gertie was and still gets away from herself when God-blessing at night and will add Gertie in before correcting herself.

Did I mention I like this seat and it's MINE.  I practice my balancing by walking around it being sure to hold on with at least one hand.  After a lap of so I take a break by hopping in.

To continue our week of birthday excitement we hosted Grandma for her 60th birthday evening.  Mom made her this yummy, diabetic coma inducing, chocolate raspberry cake.  It was amazing!

When Molly came home she had her very first birthday carwash.  Unfortunately her birthday buddy didn't get hers this year.

Trying out the hair pretties.  I am so handsome!

Me and my buddy.  We are both so pretty.

And my favorite Molly. 

Finally, after such a week Dad and I needed a quick nap. 

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