Friday, December 19, 2014


Still attempting to catch up on posting some family pictures, mostly Hudson-he's so photogenic.
Learning to move.  He was actually stuck under this chair after scooting backward.  Everyone else was playing Uno and ignoring him.

Pretty boy.  Not sure if this hair bow was part of the outfit when Dad wore it, but it sure looks nice on this guy.  Only certain people can pull off this look.

C enjoying a hike at Pokagon as part of the Meyer-Seibert campout.


Ready for the big game.

A clearance find from last Halloween-Grandma added the heart special for me.

New trees.

Isabel wasn't much for smiling.  I think we interrupted her playing.  H however is always a ham.

Pumpkin carving.

Halloween dress-up opportunity #1.  The chef, lady bug, naked giraffe, naked unicorn, and potato farmer.

Dressing up again?

A trip to the corn maize.  It only took us an hour to walk through.  Good thing as we didn't bring along any snacks in case we got lost.

Playing in the leaves.

Of course this guy was excited.

Thanks Mr. Hank for sharing your leaf pile.

Giraffe #5.


Our airport shuttle bus driver.  He even provided front-door service.

First sucker.


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