Friday, December 19, 2014


This one got thrown in out of order and I'm too lazy to drag it down besides why not start the month off with this cuteness?

More cuteness.  I know Aunt Jenni it's the wrong color.  He was practicing his "so big" trick.

Another great clearance find.  She's ready for the beach next summer.

First cross country meet.  In training for 2026.

She runs like her Dad.  Take that as you will.

He smiled the whole way.

And so did she, but then would you expect anything else from Party Tessa?

Sauder Village.

Ice cream at the village.

This is what happens after a trip to the village and ice cream.  It must have been a long day.

More ice cream.  This time in Ridgeville.  We are blessed with several excellent ice cream establishments locally.  Yum!

We even take Mom with us sometimes.

Cecelia watch out for that shark!


A parade with Mr. Hank.

Oliver your tractors aren't safe under there.

Cutest load of laundry this month.

More ice cream or celebrating no-shave November a little early.

The big birthday girl.

Celebrating with the sillies.

For her birthday her godfather threw her a wedding party. 

Cutest birthday girl ever.  You can only get away with pink cowboy boots and a dress on certain occasions in certain venues and this was the perfect opportunity.

C and the groom.

Minute to Win It craziness in the Taller backyard.

Even Dad and Grandpa got in on the action.

Not sure who won this one, but it was surely yummy.

Birthday cupcakes!

I'm pretty sure this breaks some rules about food dyes and sugar, but no one was complaining.

Cousin goofiness.

One tired girl.  Must have been a good weekend.

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