Saturday, December 6, 2014

Old post

When attempting to update the blog, many months behind, I found this old, untitled post from who knows how long ago.  It has Easter pics and whatnot.  It was probably started later this summer.  Anyway, I'll try posting it again.  Enjoy!
Not sure what kind of yumminess this guy was eating, but he was sure enjoying it.  It might have been a blueberry smoothie.  Yum!
Hanging out with one of my favorite sisters.  She's teaching me early the finer points of Harry Potter.

A fancy story hour hat.

All dressed up with nowhere to go. 

Ouch!  C had a mishap that involved a bed and a dresser and later a trip to the local ER.  She now understands the rhyme about monkeys jumping on beds much better.

Not exactly sure what happened to her clothes.  Must have something to do with 4th kid syndrome.

Easter would not be complete without a very fancy butter cross decorated with jelly beans.  What an awesome accompaniment to our dinner table.

Showing off my fancy Easter clothes.  Ready for anything northwest Ohio might throw me this season.

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