Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Threshers Convention

While Mom was off working, or at least that was her excuse...who wouldn't want to walk around the hot, dusty fairgrounds at nine months pregnant?, the rest of the family took in the excitement that is the annual Threshers Convention.  Grandpa had to tag along to keep tabs on all the kids, that he may have had a hankering for a sausage sandwich.
Oliver posing with another Oliver he met along the way.

Mom really did miss out.  Tessa's cuteness won everyone a ride on a real steam engine.  Grandpa had to stay behind and look after C.  He just must not have had enough cuteness for the high schoolers running this monster.

Since they missed out on milk shakes at the fairgrounds they stopped at Sunday's Market for some ice cream on the way home.

It's old school and super yummy.  C hold tight or Grandpa may have to use his belt to hold you on that stool.

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