Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Random spring fun

These two are buddies.  You have to be to crawl in a sleeping bag with somebody.  They can't deny each other either.

Evie and Annalise came to visit in June.  Grandma needed some entertainment to keep them busy so she invited us to go along with them to the Sechler Pickle factory in St. Joe, IN.  We all had to wear hair nets, even C. 

Afterward we had lunch in the driveway before heading home.  C finished her popsicle in the garage.


Oliver chose to play baseball this summer instead of soccer.  It was a little more competitive than t-ball, but still pretty low key.  The coaches were high school kids and one practice involved a slip and slide.  Unfortunately for Oliver we're thinking he got his baseball playing skills from Aunt Becky.  He may have a future as a cross country runner though.

The next few pics are from Father's Day.  Great Grandpa's little tractor was the entertainment of the day. 

Everyone took a turn pulling.

After that we went back to Grandpa's and rode around in his wagon.  He even let Natalie drive the tractor...by herself.  Everyone survived.

C may have had a little too much fun or ice cream and maybe not enough of a nap that day.  Some days are like that C.

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