Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Break 2014

The budget must be pretty tight this year.  I mean, come on, the spring break extravaganza of my lifetime didn't even leave town. Well technically we may have been outside the corporation limit, but I think Sauder's has had their facilities incorporated so, no we probably didn't even leave town.  We traveled approximately 1.825 miles north to the Sauder Heritage Inn for just short of 20 hours, give or take a few minutes.  Not even a full day!  This was my first spring break trip and that's all I got.  Geesh guys!  Guess that leaves lots of room for improvement in the coming years.  Anyway, we did remember the bring the camera, but had to return home twice, first of life jackets-we had been gone for all of 20 minutes at that point- and then because someone, not mentioning any names, forgot all the diapers except for the two we were wearing and a couple swim diapers, which we all know how well those hold up.  So after leaving home about 2:40, Dad had managed to drop in for a visit twice before 5 pm.  Guess he was homesick.  OK, on to my photo journal for the trip.
So, as I mentioned before, we all know how well swim diapers hold liquids.  Mom made C wait until we were literally walking out the door to the pool to put hers on and then not until she tried to empty her bladder.  Mind you, everyone else was lined up by the door, it was probably even open.  How embarrassing for C.  I guess she can't complain too much, they put my swim diaper and suit on poolside.

Of course when visiting the local waterpark one must indulge in the local buffet.  Cecelia might have eaten her weight in ranch dressing.  She did actually eat some of the veggies too.  This is her second helping.  She definitely did not share any with me.  I did get to try some famous mashed potatoes and then some apple butter.  Mmmm...

Oh did I forget to say I also tried the Oreo-cheesecake fluff stuff.  Must have slipped my mind.  Note to self...don't allow any more incriminating photos.  Delete them before anyone else finds out.

After a giant belly ache, everyone got their jammies on and stretched out.  The front desk had an endless supply of Dum-Dums.  Too bad no one would reach me one.  I felt a little left out.  Oh and I never did change into or out of my jammies.  Guess it depends how you look at things.  I spent the whole day or so in what I left home in, other than changing for the swims.  In case you are concerned, Mom gave me a bath after lunch today.

Of course when staying at the village of Sauder one must also stop at the local confection establishment.  Again, I did not get to partake although I did make a few lunges for Dad's cookie.  He wouldn't even share one chocolate chip.  Something about not having any teeth.  Remember the
M & M's slogan Dad, "Melts in your mouth, not in your hand."  Who needs teeth with that kind of promise.

This kid cracks  me up.  Literally makes me laugh out loud.  You should hear it. 

And then there's this kid.  I think she might be able to make me laugh even louder, if that's possible.  I love my big sisters.  Not that I don't  love O, but there's something about the girls...

Good thing they didn't let me sleep here all night.  It was a little crowded.  Actually I was the only one who got a bed all to myself and didn't have to sleep on the floor.  We actually had this great big room.  We had a king size bed, a sun porch with wicker love seat and chair, a sectional, pull out sofa, and even a small table and dorm fridge.  It was a great set up. 

This is the other one that got her own bed.  She slept on the floor though.  Hope her bed wasn't as hard as Mom and Dad's.

I did go swimming.  In all the excitement to get down there the first time we forgot the camera, but after a reminder at the elevator Dad ran back to get it.  So here's a pic of my second time swimming.  I loved it!  It was great.  I got to kick and splash.  The big kids were jumping in.  I didn't much appreciate the big life jacket thing they tried to put me in on the first trip.  I mean I like the feel of the water directly on my chest.  And I much appreciated the sitting position vs. floating on the water.  I gotta see what's going on plus it's easier to splash in an upright position.

An action shot of O.

And the girls.
So despite my initial lack of excitement about our spring break trip, I mean it really was just across town, it was the BEST spring break EVER!

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