Friday, December 27, 2013


We didn't get very many pictures of our Christmas trip east, but here are a few of the highlights...
We tried for a nice family picture after mass.  Cecelia slept through the second half of mass so she wasn't very receptive to the picture.  She also almost missed out on Santa because she was sleeping.
Christmas ice cream. p.s. Grandma the remnants of this may still be in your freezer. 

All this excitement for...wait for it...a pencil sharpener.  And it's not even electric.

H and the big guy.

Oliver somehow just knew to wear this shirt.  He even had a sweat shirt over it until just before he opened this tractor.  Perfect timing.

We tried for a grandkids shot with Santa.  As I mentioned earlier, C was asleep.  We did wake her up just before he left so she could sit on his lap.  She was pretty out of it.

H and I.  They were talking to each other and holding hands like best buds.  Next year they'll be fighting.

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